Another Torrijos execution.

Fusilamiento De torrijosAlong my professional trajectory in little occasions I have had such a curious and emotive order simultaneously, as the one that there did to me a few months ago a good client who, undoubtedly, has turned into a real friend after the narrow relation that we have maintained for the achievement of so singular work. Derived on the part of another good friend, with whom my client shares profession, there appeared in my study with the intention of which it was doing to him a copy of “The execution of Torrijos”, the famous and exceptional work of Antonio Gisbert and that at present is exhibited in the Prado Museum of Madrid.

It has been many years since it was not carrying out the activity of copyist, indispensable task in the beginnings of this noble profession of artistic painter, but I have to admit that I felt a tremendous satisfaction when I reached the work, especially for the noble motive of the order. They say that the family joins the good nations and is not doubt that my dient and friend it is when it expressed to me the deside of which one of the faces that appear in so singular work should replace across my brushes with it own face. The reason?, since that the shot one along with the remembered one military age a direct relative of his and he wanted to perpetuate the memory of that sacrifice of its dear with the shape or its genetics across the art.

When Gisbert painted this picture it realized an unproved statement in defense of the freedom, shouting against the authoritarianism and turning this big linen into icon of its time. The work was entrusted by the liberal government during the regency of Maria Cristina to serve as example of the defense of the freedoms to the future generations, reflecting with mastery the treachery endured by Jose María Torrijos on the part of the governor Vicente González Moreno, who offered its support to the military exile against Fernando VII, when what really he wanted was to remove it of in way, thing that did ridding it to shots in the Huelin beaches, to he and its collaborators, between whom there was the forefather of the protagonist of this history.

From the artistic point of view the Gisbert facility is interesting to show the sensations across the gesture of the personages, worry, anger, despondency, resignation, as well as the employment of a cold scale of colour that serves as ideal fund to carry to extremes the disagreeable sensation of the scene and the terrible of the ending.

Therefore, on having finished the work, I understood how important the freedom is, that one that allows you to paint what you want and remember the persons as you should want.

Leonardo Fernández González

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