Next exhibition from 26 February until 9 March 2016 in Lleida.

ATARDECER EN LA BAHÍALeonardo will have a new exhibition, this time will be in Lleida in the Art Gallery Terraferma. Leonardo will have his works exposed from 26 February until 9 March 2016.

Something special covers the cloths of Leonardo Fernández as a breeze that on them stops. It is enough to see his work to discover what is: it is the aroma of the wise and serene, deep and deep, poetical and emotional, sincere and authentic Andalusia, all this turned into painting. Leonardo Fernández is a poet who does, a dreamer who allows to cover, never to gallop, the imagination (…) He is still a painter of challenges, of the most difficult, of the brilliant afarolado (…) Leonardo Fernández is a painter faculties exhibitionist; he might choose the easy way or simplify the topics, but there chooses the opposite route and appears in each of his pictures a series of technical difficulties that conquers and overcomes with a surprising facility, which is the difficult facility, which is the difficult facility that only stays within reach of those who have been touched by the divine grace.

Exceptional drawer, spoiling all and each of the strokes, enjoying himself in the games of soft lights and shades, deep connoisseur of the color, of the skill… Andalusian of deep roots, Leonardo Fernández discovers to us with his painting the beauty that shuts the daily and intimate thing up, being able to turn it in universal.

J. Liop S.

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