Premio Sentir Málaga 2012

Award feel Malaga 2012.

The Malaga-born artist Leonardo Fernandez received last night in the auditorium Edgar Neville, the Feel Málaga award, which recognizes individuals and institutions for their work in promoting the province and awarded the XXI Century Foundation. The artist ...

Por María a Jesús

By Maria Jesus

By Mary Jesus says theology. Leonardo Fernandez has presented a poster for the Confraternity of the Holy Relocation and San Pablo Soledad full of popular religiosity while taking advantage-parodying-Guadalmedina that happens, ask ...

Leonardo Prende con su Prendimiento

Leonardo comes on his arrest.

It comes every night of Palm Sunday, the Arrest-Arrest of Jesus and the Virgin of Atonement, that's how lagging Capuchin Malaga; painstakingly folded corner with Carreteria Ollerías, there is a ...