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La CorachaOne evening, during the year 1986, I was meeting my children walking and playing in what we were calling “the park of the ducks”, today Park of Pedro Luis Alonso, along with the Cogust. This one was partially in ruins, although in the low part there still kept on living the people that they were refusing to leave its houses.

After a some time of games, we went to calm our thirst in the source that existed raising the stairs, and while he was hoping that they should drinking. I noticed the wonderful sight that was appearing opposite to me. I had never concentrated on this image because previously it could not turn because a house was concealing it. But in this moment, without any obstacle, I could appreciate the beauty of the picture; therefore I did not hesitate to capture this wonderful sight in a linen.

With my modest photos camera I began to receive images and, although I did not achieve in this moment the entire sight, I managed them to obtain a general panorama joining three photos.

On the following day I returned with my pad, started working and realized a sketch me. Between the photos and the scheme can carry out the work. I say this because this picture, when I did it, went unnoticed and it never had big reception between the of Malaga fans of the painting. Nevertheless, some years later and today, I could still have verified how of this picture numerous copies have appeared, both in painting and in engravings, illustrations, photocopies, serigraphies and up to tiles!

The worst thing of all this is that these copies happen as if they were original and you do not copy of my work. UI have not seen in any place that the reproduction indicates “copy of work of the painter Leonardo Fernandez”. This picture was acquired in due time by Antonio Cardenas, owner of the baker’s/confectionery La canasta, and it is catalogued in the book “Painters’ Collection”, which published in May, 1991, the Art Gallery Benedicto of Malaga.

The original picture measures 92x65 cm, and the models who appear in him in the right part are my wife and my daughter sewing, as the one that is going down for La Coracha also is my daughter. And the donkey that appears is of a photo of which I did for the New Way, with the difference that this one was taking in the tufts sand and I put bread. The woman who supports a child in arms also is my wife, and the child was the son of a neighbour.

Probably, if an author had realized this picture worldwide well-known, like Picasso if that they had put “copies of…”, but when it is a work of not such well-known painter, it is very easy that anyone assumes it with entire impunity.

It will be the emulation that we all have for being creative. What we are going to do to him!.

Leonardo Fernández González

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