The portrait.


Along my artistic trajectory, I have verified that the portrait is one of the genres most difficult of developing. And the fact is that not only it is a question of reflecting the figure, but the soul: it is necessary to have a mastery of the drawing, to study thoroughly the qualities and the character of the model and even to have knowledge of psychology.

In any other pictorial genre one looks for the feature or aspect of the matter that more impresses, and this one tries to stand out in the picture, but in the portrait it cannot be operated that way. When the model has a face of hard features and a haughty or proud expression, as nothing the justifications will serve if it is represented this way, so the human beings –women and men- detest turn in your own and real aspect, and they aspire that this one is favoring and flattering. They all want turn more young people, with its defects attenuated or eliminated, and more beautiful than they are. Almost we all have an intimate and always pleasing impression of us ourselves, and the portrait that does not contain this authorization or this autoconcept will defraud, although its value of representation and artistic they are extraordinary.

Often the model, usually feminine asks, how it is necessary to dress for a portrait, and the most satisfactory answer consists of saying to him that it should put itself what more he likes, and what thinks that it him goes better. Thus certain responsibility is eliminated and it always predisposes more favorably than a definite imposition.

For all this, to me of what more it likes painting the portrait they are children, since it is a sure bet to capture in a work the pure innocence that they detach, without it giving place to some interpretation.

Leonardo Fernández González

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