Intimacies and Leonardo’s "realities" for Mario Nicolas.


Andalusian of birth, Leonardo Fernandez has made me feel per moment child, remembering the past, spending page to our lives and sending to us a dialogue of his own.

Re-living through the passage of time, he remembered the infantile moments that I had with my grandmother, as well as the ticking of the clock that every morning it was sounding so that my father was getting up to go to the work and to get to go to the school. Per moments I went so far as to remember being more adult the times happy to do movies in step 8 and later 8 when the video was a figment, or visionary in our projector the movies that we were doing with all illusion, mounting bobbins in mutely and later applying a band. You could do the sonorous one, seeing them and spending unforgettable moments.

Who does not remember the lamps of oil of the epoch or that water faucet that was ever fitting and it was always dripping?

All these values have been possible that they return to my mind thanks to Leonardo Fernandez, who has made me very easy.

A very original subject matter put within reach of all, a very quiet detailed realism, without fissures, with a very precise and meticulous skill, without leaving spaces for the improvisation, where everything is everything and the picture is not slow for the one who enjoys seeing it. It can go on from a past lived to a past present, can re-lived through a present turned into a past, quite reflected in its cloths and there must be interpreted as the message that expresses its life.

Sincerity, honesty, nostalgia of last times Leonardo Fernandez like that lets us know about it, without explaining it, only hanging them on the walls so that we understand its message. Good conversation the supported one.

Mario Nicholas

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