Entrega Premios Estrella Feniké De La Cultura 2014

Delivery Award Star Fenike of culture 2014.

Last night Feniké Star Awards 2014 Culture, awarded by the Cultural Association Zegrí surrendered. The event was held at the Alameda Theatre and among those attending the Mayor of Málaga D. Francisco de la Torre were ...

Premios Estrella Feniké de la Cultura 2014

Star Awards Fenike of Culture 2014.

Leonardo Fernández González, will be one of the winners for The Zegrí Cultural Association, in the ninth edition of the "Star Awards Feniké of Culture". These awards will be presented at the gala to be held ...

Exposición De Cabras Malagueñas

Exhibition Of Málaga Goats

From Friday 4th until October 20, will be in Calle Larios, Malaga exposure of goats malagueños.Esta painted by painters exhibition is organized by Southern Málaga Journal. Among them is a goat painted by ...

Exposición Colectiva del 13 de Septiembre al 11 de Octubre 2013

Exhibition from 13 September to 11 Octuber, 2013.

Next Friday September 13th a group exhibition, in which the painter Leonardo Fernández provide a selection of his works was inaugurated. The group exhibition will feature many of the most important Spanish artists of recent years ...

Premio Sentir Málaga 2012

Award feel Malaga 2012.

The Malaga-born artist Leonardo Fernandez received last night in the auditorium Edgar Neville, the Feel Málaga award, which recognizes individuals and institutions for their work in promoting the province and awarded the XXI Century Foundation. The artist ...

Por María a Jesús

By Maria Jesus

By Mary Jesus says theology. Leonardo Fernandez has presented a poster for the Confraternity of the Holy Relocation and San Pablo Soledad full of popular religiosity while taking advantage-parodying-Guadalmedina that happens, ask ...