Leonardo Fernández

ALHAMBRA. Óleo sobre lienzo, 55x46 cm

Leonardo Fernandez, master of Andalusian art, author of a Supreme technique, known internationally for developing an art own and unique style, his still lives are examples of the evolution of one of the most suggestive pictorial genres in the history of art and that it has been able to add the landscape and portrait, defined as a complete artist, his work is loaded with great technical skills, prospect and study of light on objects, theirs is a marvel of meticulous art. Rigour in detail reminds us of naturalism and realism cultivated by parents of the Malaga painting of the 19th century; one of the most prolific of the Andalusian art periods and those critics considered him heir.

The art of his artist from Malaga is inserted in a local environment, within that framework represents us their figures, his magnificent portraits, landscapes of sunsets, or interiors where represents corners with walls painted with time, also painted us their Andalusian tiles, known by all, and damaged by the passage of time, in contrast to items that are fresh fruits of the Earth, flowers of the day, and water that emanates from those taps that are the key to existence. Leonardo Fernandez paints water; water is the main component in his painting, painted the moisture absorbed by the wood, drops, with an extreme realism, offering a great visual effect so real that the visitor is tempted to play to check, and is that the painting of his artist from Malaga, seeks to focus the composition, nothing’s out of place, plasma objects and every day with absolute authenticity environments inviting the observer to the enjoyment of a leisurely observation and admiration of the attained perfection.

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